Mom – A Mother, Missing Home (Short Film)

Mom is the missing home. Mom is when you touch a flower. Mom is when your heart is beating with joy. Mom is the sun in the morning. Mom is the reason to smile. Mom puts away our pain,and smashes the walls. Mom never fades away. Love your mother! Love …

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My philosophy for a happy life | Sam Berns | TEDxMidAtlantic

People like Sam inspires us every day to be better persons and to fight more and more for ourselves and for other people that dont have an easy life.Sam is one of the examples that despites his desease he fights every day to become a better Sam and to give …

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Happy birthday Ellen Degeneres,you beautiful soul

Happy birthday to a genuine person that gave the art and the people so much. She is a great artist that comes in so many different shapes. Ellen is a great author,a great comedian and a great writter. But above all she inspires people all over the world with her …

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